Loose Diamonds & Diamond Jewelry Maintenance

Diamonds are the hardest known substance and the most pure form of carbon in the world. They are being used in jewellery since diamond jewellery is the most attractive type of jewellery in the world. Diamonds are durable and rigid and can last for lifetimes and even passed down generations. They are reliable because they keep their luster and beauty regardless of the environment. There is a chance that they would be chipped, dulled or scratched if not handled properly. Sometimes people don’t take care of their diamonds and they perform their daily routines due to which their diamonds may get dislodged from their setting and fall hence is ideal to ensure that diamonds are firmly set in the item.

A diamond may be scratched with another diamond hence it is ideal to store diamond jewellery separately with care to ensure there is no frictional contact. If they are stored at the same place then they should not be in contact with one another. It is good to store diamond jewellery in fabric jewel cases or a box with dividers to avoid any contact. You should not wear costly diamond jewellery while doing heavy work. Diamonds are rigid and durable but it can be chipped or some activity may loosen its setting hence diamonds should be handled with care.

Different chemicals such as chlorine bleach may discolor your diamonds hence you should try to avoid diamonds from coming in contact with corrosive chemicals. If your diamonds are not set properly and need some kind of treatment then it is better to pay attention and repair your jewellery as soon as possible. You can perform some kind of treatment such has steam cleaning to clean your diamonds. Sometimes laser treatment is used to treat your diamonds but the advice of a trusted jeweler will be good before taking any step. He can advise you whether you need a treatment or not on your diamonds and jewellery.

People like diamonds and jewellery so jewelers are designing diamond jewellery in beautiful and attractive designs. You should check your diamond jewellery regularly to analyze its appearance and ensure there is no damage. It will help to do proper cleaning treatments at the right time and will not bring any major loss. Some diamonds are not much expensive so you can ignore them but in case of costly diamonds and jewellery you should not ignore them because diamonds may fall from the jewellery without you ever noticing.

The new and old way of wearing men’s jeans

What you wear is how people see who you are; that’s why having the most comfortable yet the most suitable clothes for you are a must. With the ever changing trend in fashion, the one that never faded in style is the jeans. For males, jeans are their basic fashion need. With the different style, whenever and wherever you will go, there is corresponding style for it. Mens jeans are common even in malls and other shopping places. It is so because even with any occasion, simple jeans can be the basic outfit you can wear especially if you are on the rush.

Mens jeans have also changed through time. From the past years, different styles, designs and technics have been made. Also, variations of colors are available too. Black, gray, blue and even white colors are available for mens jeans. Jeans designers and stylists have developed the use of colors as a fashion trend. They made additional options to choose from. Mens jeans never fade in style. Some males prefer to wear jeans wherever they go. They like jeans because they are more comfortable wearing it, than, probably slacks.

With the ever changing style for the decade, there are new and returning styles of jeans. Mens jeans have already coped with these changes. Styles like the classic, boot cut and loose are already seen years ago. But at the present, those styles are available with additional designs. Styles for mens jeans are somewhat seasonal. Sometimes certain styles would be in time and would be replaced by other style again. With these changes, jeans/”>mens jeans never faded in style for it can deal with the changes through time. Aside from those styles, modern day designs have also emerged. Low-rise, slim or skinny and the straight cut are available for mens jeans too. It is not available for mens jeans only but for the ladies too. There are new styles that originated from the original designs for jeans.

Apart from that, technics were also available for mens jeans. It refers to the way the jeans look like. Washed, wrinkled, printed, or ripped are its kinds. It may be combined with the styles for a better look. It also originated from years ago but as said, styles do come and go. For simple people who just want to wear jeans, their style is never a problem. With the use of new technology, it is possible for designers to generate designs of mens jeans that are requested by their clients.

White Gold Jewelry: Learning about Them

White gold is becoming more and more popular among women, even over the classic yellow gold, because of its versatility and almost similar brilliance to diamonds. White gold is basically an alloy of gold mixed with at least one white metal, which can be either nickel or palladium. They are counted or measured in carats just like the traditional gold but comes in a lot cheaper than its real versions. White gold, because of its unique beauty and luminescence, is becoming the new metal used for all kinds of white gold jewelry such as engagement rings, white gold butterfly pendants, white gold dangling earrings, and the like.
White gold butterfly pendants are some of the most popular examples of white gold jewelry that women of all ages can marvel and show off to their friends. What’s more, white gold jewelry such as these come in a lot cheaper than buying real gold for the pendant itself. There are a lot of online stores that actively sell jewelry like these butterfly pendants because normally, jewelry stores and other specialty shops do not have these at a cheaper price or do not have them for sale at all. You can browse through the World Wide Web for your favorite online jewelry store and see if they have the white gold butterfly pendants that you really want for yourself. These are also great gift ideas for friends or family members who are celebrating their birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and the like.

But even if the jewelry are made out of a strong kind of gold, white gold tends to fade and wear out and should be replaced every 1 to 5 years or so to maintain the brilliance of the gold. It is also important to handle and clean the white gold jewelry properly so as to prolong its brilliance and beauty for a long time. So how does one apply proper care for white gold jewelry? Here are some easy tips on how to do so:

• On one hand, gold jewelry pieces are naturally yellow because there are no alloys mixed with it. White gold, on the other hand, is plated with a thin layer of rhodium, a white and durable metal, and should be reapplied once or twice a year to be able to maintain the beauty and luminescence of the jewelry, especially those worn frequently.

• When cleaning white gold, it is important that you use a cleaning product that is specifically designed for white gold to avoid severe damage of the jewelry. If you want to be absolutely safe when cleaning white gold, you can use soap, water, and a soft and dull toothbrush to clean even the nicks and cranny of the piece.

• You should remove any white gold jewelry when swimming or working with all kinds of chemicals, especially when you’re doing some cleaning around the house. Though they are brilliant and durable, white gold can easily wear out when exposed to harsh chemicals, causing the jewelry to pit and discolor.

Iconic Fashion Posters

Some fashion ensembles had become famous fashion trends due to their appearance in posters and other media such as magazine and film. The appearance and mass popularity of these fashion trends also influenced fashion magazines, poster sizes and retail design layouts. Print shops usually run a variety of standard or customized poster dimensions based on art or virtual merchandising specifications. Below are some examples of fashion icons that have become widely recognizable due their appearance in the media.

• Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s-The Breakfast at Tiffany’s film poster shows the statuesque elegance and grace of the film’s star, Audrey Hepburn. Hepburn is perfect for the role as the extroverted but na•�ve social butterfly Holly Golightly. In the poster, she is shown dressed in a long black evening gown, jewels, with coiffed-up hair holding a thin black cigarette holder. Her costumes in the film established her as a fashion icon, with the fashion house of Givenchy taking credit as the film’s costume designer. The actress is said to be Givenchy’s favorite model and also designed her costumes for original film, Sabrina, released in 1954. The poster set in a primary-colored graphic frame and the actress became one of the most memorable images of 20th century cinema.

• Diane Keaton in Annie Hall- the famous comedy directed by Woody Allen tells of a mismatched, neurotic, New York couple who try to find love against the backdrop of the cosmopolitan New York city scene. The film is said to have launched Allen as a �•comic filmmaker” and also sets off that film style of witty, well-written New York romantic comedies. Apart from this film trend, Diane Keaton’s costumes also made her a fashion icon. Said to be designed by Ruth Morley with Ralph Lauren, her outfits of mismatched baggy khakis; men’s white shirts; wide, polka-dotted neckties and bowler hats set the trend for women’s androgynous clothing.